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Testing Rubric

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Testing Rubric

Post by DunkMaster Darius on Sat Jul 02, 2016 12:20 am

Burn/Mill/Stall/Alternate Win decks are banned from testing and will result in a testing score of 0 and an auto-placement into Squire Yellow.

Duel Location: DN/Devpro/YGOPro

Tester Deck:

Testee Deck:

Match Results: /15

Win/Loss Ratio
0:2 = 0/15
1:2 = 5/15
2:1 = 10/15
2:0 = 15/15

Overall Skill: /20

Deck Construction: /20 (Judged based upon consistency of the deck, side deck, extra deck.)

Siding: /15 (Side deck for relevant situations, what was specifically sided in the test duel.)

Duelist Skill: /20 (Based upon skill with deck used for testing (Ex. How good of a Nekroz player is he/she?))

Attitude: /10

Awareness: /10 (Ability to respond to situations on the field, able to adapt to situations.)

Control: /10 (How much advantage/ability to stop the opponent did testee have.)

Misplays: /-2 (-2 points per misplay, recorded below.)

Rulings: /5 (How well did the testee know rulings/any issues with rulings.) (Does not apply if testing on DevProg/YGOPro, the 5 points are given if tested there.)

Originality: /+5 (Testee can earn up to a bonus 5 points for interesting techs and/or side deck cards that make sense for said deck.)

Total Score: /130 (Use a Calculator to determine the Final Score)

Team Squire Yellow: 0-89
Team Paladin Purple:  90-115
Team Uzi Blue: 116-130
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