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War Team Rubric

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War Team Rubric

Post by DunkMaster Darius on Sat Jul 02, 2016 12:25 am

out of 100 points
80 to pass
you cant go above 100 or below 0

being nice 0 points
being rude auto fail

being nice is appreciated but not required, however if you are rude to the tester it is guaranteed you will be rude to others and that's not to be allowed of the men and women representing the best of the best of the ACAD

deck type(testee)-
anti-meta(psy-frames count)
gain 5 points
gain 3
tier 2/control
gain 0
lower than tier 2
lose 10
this is a war squad that uses meta and you must be up to date on this, so it i important to show us what you got with them

deck type(tester)
anti-meta(psy-frames count)
gain 5 points
gain 3
tier 2
gain 0
lower than tier 2
auto fail and must retest with me, have a valid pic to prove it, all testers must use tier 2 or higher to push you to the limit

2-0 50 points
you slaughtered the tester
2-1 25 points
you had a bad game but still won
1-2 0 points
you bricked but still got some potential
0-2 lose 10 points
you were slaughtered, maybe you bricked maybe not, but it happened

how you side(pic required)
good variation 15 points
okay var 5 points
bad 0 points
no side or no pic lose 10 points

if the tester sided gain 15 points, and testers be honest please

knowledge of the rules
0 mistakes- 25
every mistake lose 5 points

attention(aka noticing testers mistakes, weither on purpose or not)
start with 25 lose 5 for every missed mistake

side coaching
caught fail
suspect lose 50 points
none gain 10 points
you will duel, no back seat drivers
watchers chat is suspect at best unless it occurs 4 times

D/c while you know what the testers deck is and he doesn't know what yours is
Lose game 1 no siding allowed
D/c while tester knows Ur deck and you don't know his nothing to easy to set this situation up to reward for it
D/c when your bout to win nothing, again to easy to set up
D/c when about to lose 1000 or less while tester has 3000 or more lose current game
Rest of Ur d/c not effected

Tester d/c while you know his deck and he doesn't know yours, no penalty
Tester d/c while he knows yours and you don't know his deck
U win g1 no siding for g2
Tester d/c when Ur bout to lose nothing
Tester d/c when he's about to lose you win that game
Rest nothing happen
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